SH-1500LCD Black Cherry Infrared Heater
SH-1500LCD - Black Cherry

SH-1500LCD Black Cherry Infrared Heater

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Six 250 watt quartz infrared heat tubes. Heat output of room temperature plus 120°F (room temp 72° + 120° heat differential = 192°F output on HI

Made in USA Cabinetry is assembled by hand with a solid hardwood top featuring a stain, scratch and dent resistent finish

Three heat settings (High, Low & Eco) for maximum efficiency, timer can be set in hourly increments (0-8 hrs.) to control time of operation

Crystal clear LCD display houses a digital thermostat which can be adjusted on the unit or with a sleek remote control

24 oz. of cured copper provides a large heat sink and produces six minutes of free heat each heating cycle. Heats up to 1,000 sq. ft.
The all new Original SUNHEAT electric portable infrared heater with remote control, liquid crystal display and Made in USA cabinetry provides safe, soft, comfortable warmth for any area. The SUNHEAT SH-1500LCD has a 5 year warranty. It will heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. on HI or 800 sq. ft. on LO. The new ECO feature allows the heater to maintain a temperature of 68°F using the least amount of electricity the heater deems possible, saving more energy and money than ever. The crystal clear display makes for easy temperature viewing from anywhere in the room. The display reads “Heating Up” when the elements are on. Once the desired heat setting has been reached, the heater will cycle off and on as needed to maintain the temperature setting. The display screen reads “Cooling Down” when the elements turn off. The Original SUNHEAT produces six minutes of free heat each cycle, when the heat stored in the copper cylinders is blown out into the room. The industry leading 24 oz. of copper offers unsurpassed storage capacity for the infrared heat which is produced by six commercial grade quartz tubes. These core elements, combined with a high velocity fan and a lifetime washable filter, produce a heat output equaling your room temperature plus 120°F. This highly efficient output allows the infrared heat to be absorbed by the moisture in the air as it's pulled through the heat chamber. The heated air then flows out of the heater and transfers soft infrared warmth to the people and objects in the room. The result is comfortable even heat blanketing your area, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. The beautiful all wood USA cabinet, available in five decorator colors, stays cool to the touch and features a solid hardwood top with a stain, scratch and dent resistant finish. SUNHEAT heaters cannot start a fire and are renowned to be extremely reliable, but best of all will slash your heating costs!