Original SUNHEAT SH1500 Golden Oak Infrared Heater - Refurbished*
Original SUNHEAT SH1500 Golden Oak Infrared Heater - Refurbished*

Original SUNHEAT SH1500 Golden Oak Infrared Heater - Refurbished*

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The Original SUNHEAT 1500 Watt electric portable infrared heaters will provide a safe, soft, comfortable heat for any area of your home. The SUNHEAT model SH-1500 is a supplemental heating system designed to heat up to 1,000 sq. ft. with no harmful emissions. Three cured copper cylinders offer unsurpassed storage capacity for the infrared heat produced by six 250 Watt commercial grade quartz heat tubes. These core elements, combined with a high velocity fan and a lifetime washable filter, produce a heat output of room temperature plus 120°F. This highly efficient heat output allows the infrared heat to be absorbed by the moisture in the air as it's pulled into the heat chamber. The warm moist air then flows out of the heater and transfers soft infrared warmth to the people and objects in the room. The result is comfortable radiant heating, floor to ceiling and wall to wall. When the desired temperature setting has been reached, the Original SUNHEAT will cycle off and on as needed to maintain the room temperature. Each cycle produces 7 to 10 minutes of free heat that comes from the heat stored in the copper cylinders. This unique heating process is essential to saving energy and money. This reliable infrared heater comes with a 5 years parts and labor warranty, cannot start a fire, is safe to operate anywhere, all the time, even around children and pets, but best of all it will slash your heating costs.

*FACTORY REFURBISHED TO IT’S ORIGINAL NEW IN BOX QUALITY- EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES: This model is what started the whole infrared heater revolution and what marked SUNHEAT as the best infrared heater on the planet with hundreds of thousands of heaters found in happy homes across the U.S.A. This Original SUNHEAT model SH-1500 heater has been rebuilt to the original specifications and carries a FULL FIVE YEAR WARRANTY! There may be a few minor blemishes on the cabinet from a run in the stain or small scratch on these factory refurbished models. No other infrared heater on the market, other than the USA 1500, has even 25% the amount of copper as this Original SUNHEAT SH1500 allowing for more heat with less energy being consumed during it’s “cycle” period… slashing your heat bills by up to 50%! SAVE BIG TODAY!