SUNHEAT USA Cabinetry Infrared Fireplace Heater  - Black

SUNHEAT USA Cabinetry Infrared Fireplace Heater - Black

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The SUNHEAT Electronic Infrared Fireplace is beautiful in style and design. The realistic flames and logs create a cozy atmosphere for any area of your home. The all wood, MADE in USA, mantel is heirloom quality and produced with the highest environmental considerations. This amazing fireplace will effectively heat 1,000 square feet. The SUNHEAT fireplace will cut your heating costs when you utilize zone heating techniques; turning down the furnace and putting the heat where you spend the most of your time. The three 500 watt, infrared heat tubes give you three heat settings to choose from. The remote control thermostat with digital display lets you set your exact comfort level. The glow from the flame can be turned off while you still enjoy the warmth of this innovative patented electronic fireplace. It cannot start a fire and is completely safe around children and pets. The heat exhaust panel is covered with Safety Touch, a soft felt material, to protect little fingers. The SUNHEAT Fireplace is available in three colors: Golden Oak, Mahogany & Black. Dimensions: 24”H x 32”W x 12”D

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