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Infrared Heaters:

Please note if your heater has a black or silver colored back panel. When researching SH1500 and SH1500RC models below, your heater will be identified as BB for "black back" and SB for "silver back".

SH1500-BB Infrared Heater 

SH1500-SB Infrared Heater

USA1500, USA1500-M and USA1500-Amish Infrared Heater

SH1500LCD Infrared Heater

SH1500RC-BB Infrared Heater

SH1500RC-SB Infrared Heater

SH750 Infrared Heater

TW1450 Infrared Heater

TW1500 Infrared Heater

TW1500-UV Infrared Heater

Infrared Fireplaces:

F-15 Gen II Fireplace

F-15 Gen III Fireplace

F-15 Gen IV Fireplace

TW2000 Compact Fireplace

TWFP1500 Fireplace

42" Wall Mount Fireplace

Patio HEaters:

PHRDBK Round Patio Heater (Shiny Black)

Square Patio Heaters

Triangle Patio Heaters

Mountainaire Air Purifiers:

MA2000 Air Purifier

MA3500 Air Purifier

MA4000 Air Purifier

Coolzone Dry Misting Fans:

CZ500 CoolZone Dry Misting Fan